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Miscast & Friends Madness Gang 1/25

Miscast & Friends Madness Gang 1/25

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A very limited edition resin cast of a set of my Necromunda Hellsreach warband made for Bring Out Your lead 2023. I'm only ever selling 25 sets of these bad boys, I'm basically just running off casts until the molds break.

These models are a collective effort between myself, The Still Tower, Ramshackle Games and Rach Creating, a combination of kitbashing & sculpting, made in 3 days. The weirdest stuff I've made so far.

These models weren't made for mass production so there casts will be rough, probably have bubbles, need clean up and will come cast on sprues made of casts of my teeth and my friends fingers.

Each set comes with a signed card with original art from The Still Tower.

Shipped out of the UK from Ramshackle Games on 30th of August

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