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Miscast Miniatures: Arcane Ugly Minis - First Edition 1/25

Miscast Miniatures: Arcane Ugly Minis - First Edition 1/25

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These models contain lead. Yes. I made some metal miniatures and I can't believe it. I only have 25 sets of this first batch because metal is expensive.

You'll get the line up in this picture (8 models) + a randomly selected prototype cast from a future set (future assuming this set goes ok). The prototype casts are a little rough in places.

These miniatures are based on my designs from my TTRPG Arcane Ugly, some were sculpted by me and some by Tine Fielding and some by us together at the same time.

These models were made in Australia, spun by my friend Viv over a few days hanging out together.

I sold a bunch of these out of my bag at Adepticon and when I showed them to Brent from Goobertown Hobbies he physically recoiled, so I think thats a good sign that you should buy them maybe or not idk.

These models actually contain lead so don't eat 'em or suck on 'em and please handle them responsibly.

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