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Miscast's Toads -Toad V2 Generation 2 + Recasting License - 1 of 36

Miscast's Toads -Toad V2 Generation 2 + Recasting License - 1 of 36

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A hand sculpted, moulded and cast toad miniature by miniature artist Miscast. These toads come with a license for recasting that states:

This toad's mission is to spread copies of its pestilent self all over the world.
By owning this toad model you have permission to recast it, modify it and make as many duplicates as you like for personal and commercial use under the following condition:
All recasts of this model and modifications to it must also include a copy of and follow this license.
Love from
Trent Holbrook

This is a Generation 2 casting, meaning this is a cast from an original 1 of 36 Generation 1 Toad with some minor modifications. This Generation 2 toad has more warts.

Generation 2 castings are supplied in a random colour and a portion of their tummies are filled with recycled resin.

Each toad comes shipped with a secret companion miniature to keep it company on it's long journey to you from Australia.

Due to short supply and high demand of this miniature please consider your purchase carefully.

Each toad is made to order.

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