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3D Printables: Sci-Fi Greebles Vol. 2

3D Printables: Sci-Fi Greebles Vol. 2

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Bits are how I make anything, so I have created another 69 sci-fi bits for your projects. Everything is designed to look good printed on a cheap FDM printer.

Pack contains 69 STL Files

Half of this kit was designed acouple of years ago following the success of volume 1 but life got in the way. The bits we finished lived in my bits box for couple of years and have made there way into many of my projects now. It felt wrong not to release it after I found myself using it so much. So after a marathon of making, I finished the kit. And here it is, enjoy.

The models I used in most of my projects are printed at 100% resolution, but if you have a well turned FDM printer or anything resin, they look great 50% or smaller, thats what I printed the photographed samples at


We designed these for a:
Ender 3 w/ .4 Nozzle
Cura 4.5 @ Standard Quality .2mm

Printed Examples in image two were printed at 50% size on a Bambo X1C. Cover photo is a mix of prints from Ender 3 and Bambo X1C.


License: You're not allowed to resell or redistribute these models digitally or in physical form.
For example: Printed and sold on an Etsy shop or uploaded for free on Thingiverse You are allowed to use these models as part of a commercial project where they contribute to a bigger picture.
For example: Printed and glued onto another model. If you think your usage may fall between some blurred line and you can't sleep at night because of the moral dilemma you're suddenly faced with... feel free to email me here: Do the right thing. You DO NOT have to credit me to use this stuff. But if you want to:
mention or any other enquiries hit me up here:

This is a digital product designed for you download, 3d Print and assemble yourself. Show me what you make

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