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3D Printables: Tabletop Wargaming Kit

3D Printables: Tabletop Wargaming Kit

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I designed this tool kit with my dad to solve all the problems and inconveniences I was having on the tabletop playing my favourite games.  I've loved using everything we've come up with, so I thought you might too.

This kit includes:
Modular Token Set: Interchangeable tokens to keep track of various effects and wounds on the battlefield. Check out the screenshot for the included files.
Turn Counter: A press fit dial to track a number through 1 to 12 - I use this for tracking game turns or big monsters with large wounds.
Measuring Tool: A pointy measuring tool for quickly measuring commonly used short ranges or poking your opponent.
Dice Tray: Fits 30, 12mm D6 to keep dice tidy in the table and makes counting dice fast. (I use Chessex dice in the photo)
Dice Pool: A little round tray for holding important dice that you can't afford to mix up with others.
12mm Objective Dice: A 12mm dice with the symbols A, B, C, D, !, ? on each side, that can be used on it's own or in combination with the modular token set.

All models printed on stock Ender3 with Marlin 1.9 firmware, using mostly standard Cura 4.5 settings (.2mm layer height) - no supports required.

20% infill with 4 top layers recommended.

If you'd like to hack together your own custom icons to fit the modular token set system I've included STLs for both the Peg and Slot for you to  design your own models around.


This is a digital product designed for you download and print on a 3D Printer. Show me what you make <3

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