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Arcane Ugly - Digital Copy

Arcane Ugly - Digital Copy

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Arcane Ugly is a whimdark TTRPG set in place of strange, wild and whimsical magic, curious creatures and fantastic treasures.

Created by Miscast and friends, the game and rules are designed to be fast, easy to learn and hackable.

Arcane Ugly is still work-in-progress, but by popular demand, you can access it early!
This ever-growing rulebook so far contains:

  • Lite Rules that are fun both in person and online
  • Advanced Rules that are taught as you play
  • 92 Treasure Cards with unique artwork
  • 44 Magic Spell Cards & in-world spell creation system
  • 20 Weird and Wild Miscast Tables for when magic goes wrong
  • 18 Creatures to populate your world
  • Lots of weird art from lots of wicked people

This is a digital copy of the rulebook. More updates around the corner, stay tuned!
Purchasing the beta will also give you access to the full release digital version when it's released.

Wanna make stuff for Arcane Ugly or hack it up and turn it into something else? Download the Arcane Ugly SRD and get creating!

Watch Arcane Ugly Get Made!
Join The Arcane Ugly Discord Community!


This is a digital product <3

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