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Garbo Toad + Recasting License

Garbo Toad + Recasting License

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This is a garbo toad, named because I fill them with all my garbage and waste resin in between making other models. As a result these toads are all uniquely coloured and no two are the same.

A hand sculpted, moulded and cast miniature by miniature artist Miscast. This model comes with a license for recasting that states:

This garbo toad's mission is to spread copies of its pestilent self all over the world.
By owning this garbo toad model you have permission to recast it, modify it and make as many duplicates as you like for personal and commercial use under the following condition:
All recasts of this model and modifications to it must also include a copy of and follow this license.
Love from
Trent Holbrook

This model can have varying degrees of casting quality due to nature of its creation, so it may have lots of bubbles, or it may not.

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