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Print & Play: Imperfect Grid Paper

Print & Play: Imperfect Grid Paper

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Imperfect Grid Paper For The Imperfect GM! A blank, perfectly ruled grid can be daunting, so I’ve gone ahead and pre-messed-it-up for you. The grid lines aren't straight and the edges are already grimy⁠—so don’t worry your unruled corridors and coffee stains will feel right at home.

These printable grids come in two variations:

  • 1/4 Inch Grid - The sexiest of the grid ⁠sizes⁠—made imperfectly perfect.

  • Interdimensional -  Perfect for designing realms beyond comprehension.

Download includes both A4 and Letter versions


This is a digital product designed for you download, print and assemble yourself. Show me what you make <3

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