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Print & Play: Initiative Trackers

Print & Play: Initiative Trackers

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Initiative trackers you can hang from your GM screen to speed up your combat. I designed the trackers because I wanted something minimalistic and not overwhelming for new GMs (like myself).


  • Humanoid - I use this funny guy to represent players

  • Dragon - I use this gnarly beast to represent enemies

  • Blank - For players or DM's that want to draw their own representations. Also for ghosts.

Fillable Bits:

  • Title Banners - Character, NPC or enemy names go here

  • Subtitle Banners - I put the player's real name here, because I'm terrible with names. You could also fill this space with HP, Initiative or hurtful words.

  • Eye Shield - I put Passive Perception here

  • Question Shield - I put Passive Insight here

  • Shield Shield - I put AC here

  • Wand Shield - I put Spell DC here

  • Notes - I write very important notes here I should always remember.


I've made versions with shields and without shields both in A4 and Letter variations.


This is a digital product designed for you download, print and assemble yourself. Show me what you make <3

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