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Print & Play: Mini DM Notebooks

Print & Play: Mini DM Notebooks

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I wanted little booklets to pin to my GM screen— so I made 'em. Now my burning ideas, tables, and improvisations can be right in front of me whenever I want them.

Simply print the booklets on standard A4 or letter paper, cut along the scheme and fold (I’ve included step by step instructions)



  • Stylish Covers -6  Geometric designs with alluring titles to get the brain buzzing

  • 6 Ruled Pages w/ 21 Lines - Enough lines for a D20 table with a title.

  • A4 & Letter Versions - The world can't decide on a standard page size, so I've made both.

Book Titles:

  • Book of Secrets - To keep track of secrets, symbols, passwords my players have discovered or to invent new ones on the fly.

  • Book of Revenge - To keep tabs on the NPCs my players have upset so I can bring them back in later adventures.

  • Book of Monsters - I've filled mine with mutation tables to make recurring enemies a bit more exciting. Also to keep track of improvisations I've made outside of source books.

  • Book of Flora - To keep track of the strange things my players like to collect on adventures so I can make them useful later.

  • Book of Magic - I thought this might be a nice way of giving players new spells.

  • Book of Unknown -


This is a digital product designed for you download, print and assemble yourself. Show me what you make <3

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